Australian Koala Platinum Bullion Coins

Australian Koala Platinum Bullion Coins were first produced by The Perth Mint in September 1988. Along with the American Eagle platinum bullion coins the platinum Koala very quickly became one of the best selling 1 oz platinum bullion coins in the world.

Australian Koala Platinum Bullion Coins


The Perth Mint has consumed more than 18 tonnes of platinum since 1986 for minting. The Gold Corporation who are the owners of the Perth Mint has become one of Australia’s top 30 exporters after selling more than 85% of their platinum coins overseas. These coins sell at the spot price for platinum plus a small premium.

The Australian Koala coin is a 1 ounce platinum bullion coin with a purity of .9995. Platinum is the rarest of the 4 precious investment metals and the price of platinum has increased dramatically since this coin was first issued. The 1 oz Australian platinum bullion coins are traded daily as a commodity and because of the rarity of the metal the price of this coin has been consistently higher than the spot price of platinum.

The Design Of The Coin. Each Australian Koala coin is very beautifully designed with a special frosting effect giving it an unusual brilliance. The obverse (face side) of the coin was designed by Ian Rank Broadley and shows a profile of Queen Elizabeth II with the words “Australia – 100 Dollars – Elizabeth II” around the edge of the Koala coin.

Australian Koala Bear


The reverse side has a scene of the very distinctive Koala which is indigenous to the coastal regions of eastern and southern Australia, from Adelaide to the southern part of Cape York Peninsula. The Koalas were largely exterminated in the early 1900s but the Australian government now protects the species. It is estimated that the population could be as low as 800,000.

The reverse design has been changed almost every year to depict a different Koala scene and this has made the coin even more popular with collectors as well as for investment purposes. Many collectors will not contemplate selling their coins which further increases the value of the platinum Koala. Around the border of the coin is the inscription “The Australian Koala – 1 oz 9995 – Platinum” and at the bottom of the coin there is the year of issue.

The Australian Koala Platinum Bullion coin is one of the very few platinum coins which can be included in an Individual Retirement Account Gold IRA and it is an extremely popular choice for precious metals investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio.


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