Bullion Bars

Bullion Bars

Buy gold bullion direct in bars from 1 ounce to 32 ounces. The current gold price per ounce, gold spot price and silver spot prices are shown at the top of this page. JM bars, Pamp Suisse bullion bars and Credit Suisse palladium bars are available here at the best prices.

There are many choices when deciding on your precious metal investments. The more commonly traded metals are gold, silver, platinum and palladium which are available to purchase as bullion bars, bullion coins or rare coins. It is very important to understand the differences between these three categories as your choice could make a big difference to your return on investment.

Bullion describes precious metals of high purity and mass which are regularly traded on the commodity markets. These are either in the form of bullion bars or ingots and bullion coins. The word bullion originates from the old French word bouillon, which meant boiling and was the term for a French mint or melting house.

The gold spot price of bullion is published daily in most major newspapers and is available in real time on this site at the top of every page. It is important to note that the price of bullion coins is normally higher than the spot price of bars because of the premium that the mint imposed when they were originally issued.

 The largest gold bar in the world

Biggest Gold Bar In The World 250K or 551 lbs

LARGEST GOLD BAR 250K or 551 lbs

The largest gold bar weighs 250K or 551lbs measuring approximately 18” X 9” X 6.5”. When manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials Corp. in 2005 it was valued at approximately $3,684,000 but at today’s gold spot price it would be worth over $15 million.

Gold bars have a minimum purity requirement of .995+ but they are usually available with a level of .9999 fine. Gold bars or ingots are normally available in a wide range of sizes from the tiny 1 gram wafer (1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams) to 1 kilo, just over 32 troy ounces but as you can see they are also found in much bigger sizes.

Pamp Palladium Bar Reverse 10 oz


Pamp Palladium Bar Front 10 oz



Bullion bars are all available with very high purity requirements in silver (.999+) platinum (.9995+) and palladium (.9995+). However, gold and palladium have been the best to invest in over the last 10 years and recently palladium has been dramatically increasing.


Gold spot price was $271 per ounce in 2001 and is now up over 640% and palladium has risen more than 300% over the last 10 years making them both excellent investments.

Gold Bullion Direct Delivery To Your Door


Possessing physical precious metal bars and having them delivered to your door is a very popular option. However, there is always the question of storage and security. If you have the secure facility to store physical product then this is definitely the right way to go. The purchase price will always be the best possible if you buy from the right company.

Storing physical bullion in a secure insured facility is also a good alternative. Your gold bullion can be safely stored for you in a vault for a small yearly storage fee which will be partially offset because there will be no shipping fees.

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    • The fundamentals of bunyig gold have never been clearer. Now add a little tourmoil in Japan and the Middle East and you have the perfect recipe or the perfect storm for shifting your dollars or promissory notes into Gold and Silver. The days of making money at the bank or equity in real estate are over. Our government is printing money at a record pace and has found itself in such a hole that even Alice in Wonderland could never find her way out of this hole. Dont wait until the whole system unravels, in other words dont put the sprinkler system in after the fire. Gold is the the only safe haven from inflation and our unsustainable debt.

      • Assuming the worst, you want to have coins in various denominations, stick with US bullion coins if you live in the USA. Think about making change, so buy some 1/4 and 1/10 oz gold as well as some silver.The ETFs are probably worthless in a real collapse, think Madoff, Enron.

        • I agree with your theory here. EFTs would be worthless in a stock market collapse so physical gold and silver is the way to go. Regarding smaller denominations for change, I have been buying a lot of 1oz silver Eagles and Austrian Philharmonics for this reason. If you buy 1/4oz and 1/10oz gold the premium is always too high. 1/10oz gold is usually around $200 but you can buy 1oz Eagles for very close to spot, $30.

  1. I simply want to tell you that I really like this website. I just called your 800 number and ordered some gold Buffalos and 2 Pamp bars at great prices. Your people made it so easy and gave me good advice. Thanks a lot for such a professional experience .

  2. Really good info on bullion bars. It would be nice to just have a small piece of the biggest gold bar. :) I have 6 ounces so far and I will keep buying more when I can. Thanks for the good write ups here on this site.

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