Buy Gold For Home Delivery FAQs

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

With hundreds of new people investing in precious metals many are doing extensive research before making new purchases. We are dedicated to helping investors come into the precious metals market with total clarity. To help you with this we have compiled a list of the top 10 most frequently asked questions from our existing customers and potential customers about buying gold for home delivery.

Q: “How Long Do You Guarantee The Price For My Order?”

A: For any size order the price quoted will be held for a period of 48 hours to allow you time to fund your account. The spot gold price is moving constantly therefore if your order has not been paid for within 48 hours it will be adjusted to allow for the movement in the precious metals spot price. If you do not fund your account within the 48 hour time period please contact your account executive as exceptions can sometimes be made.

Q: “What Is Your Shipping Procedure?”

Gold Storage Vault


A: After your precious metals are fully funded your order is transported from our secure inventory vaults to our shipping vaults. Your order is then sent directly to you and we provide you with a tracking number so you can check on its progress to your desired address. A signature is required for all deliveries so please plan to be available when your order is delivered. Once your order arrives it is advisable to make sure it is stored securely.

Q: “Which Shipping Methods Do You Use?”

A: All our shipping methods are fully insured. Almost all orders are dispatched by FedEx but in rare circumstances we send via USPS Registered Mail. Exceptionally large orders are delivered by Brinks along with an armed security guard.

Q: “What Are Your Accepted Payment Methods?”

A: You can fund your account by any of these four different ways.

  1. Personal check.
  2. Cashier’s Check.
  3. Money Order.
  4. Bank Transfer.

If you prefer to pay for your order by bank wire transfer please inform your account executive so they can let our finance department know to expect it.

Q: “Can I Pay By Credit Card?”

A: Credit cards cannot be accepted to fund your account. You can only use a credit card to guarantee the availability and price of your order if it is placed online. Your account will need to be funded within 48 hours with one of the 4 payment options listed above.

Q: “Are There Any Additional Fees On The Quoted Price?”

A: There are no additional fees on the price quoted by your account executive. All quoted prices are final and include a flat fee for insurance and express shipping regardless of the size of your order.

Q: “What Is The Best Way To Store My Precious Metals?”

Safety Deposit Box


A: It is advisable to store your precious metals in a secure safe deposit box. Many local banks can provide this service for around $100 per year depending on the size of the box. A safe deposit box is a secure and private way to store your precious metals investments. You do not need to give the bank any information about its contents. It can also be used to store other valuable items such as jewelry and important documents.

Q: “Is There A Buy Back Policy?”

A: Yes, if you are looking to liquidate your investment we would always encourage you to give us the opportunity to buy back from you first as we are likely to give you a much better price and we never refuse the opportunity to buy back from one of our customers. Speak with your account executive for more details about our “buy back policy” on 1-855-682-1046.

Q: “Is Gold A Liquid Asset?”

A: Yes. Gold is a very liquid asset as it has been in a bull market for a long time therefore the demand for gold continues to increase along with its liquidity. Gold is one of the few assets which can be taken anywhere world-wide and very easily liquidated.

Q: “Which Types Of Precious Metals Can I Invest In?”

A: When choosing which types of precious metals to invest in there are four different options to consider.

  1. Precious metal bullion bars.
  2. Precious metal bullion coins.
  3. Proof minted coins.
  4. Rare precious metal coins.
Pamp Gold Bullion Bar Lady Fortuna


Bullion bars have high purity and mass. They are normally available in sizes from 1 oz to 1 kilo (32 troy ounces) and are regularly traded on the commodity markets. They are a staple for most serious precious metals investors.

Bullion coins are contemporary precious metal coins of high purity minted by official agencies for investment purposes rather than for general use. These are very popular for investing in precious metals.

Proof minted coins are produced by the US Mint in limited quantities for the benefit of both investors and collectors. Not only do they gain value from the increase in the spot price but they also make significant gains because of their rarity and collectability.


Rare coins are normally ones which are no longer produced so their availability is very limited. In a similar way to proof coins, they gain most increase in value from their rarity and collectability. Rare precious metal coins are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

All of the above options have different benefits so it is best to speak with an account executive on 1-855-682-1046 to help you decide on the best investment for you or you can request your “free gold investment kit” by filling out the form at the top right of this page.


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  1. I use Apmex for mint direct items. I try to pay via check to keep the price down. I uslaluy get screwed quality wise when I buy from them (not mint direct). What i mean is that often the silver is all scratched up which I dislike or its got fingerprints on the rounds. sometimes the prints dont come off.

    • In my opinion it is very important to deliver product which is good quality, clean and not scratched. Unfortunately, some companies such as the one mentioned do not seem to care about delivering quality products. They only look at these items as bullion. I think this is a bad way to do business. I bought from them once but never bought there a second time. I like my coins and bars to look good in addition to having great value.

    • Hi, found your blog and looks interesting about precuois metals. I’m looking for ways to invest in gold and silver bullion since the stocks are hurting right now.

  2. I simply want to say I am just new to blogs and I really like this web site. I will bookmark your blog post and come back here for more info. You have very good article content. Thanks a lot for revealing your web-site.

    • We will continually have new articles on gold and other precious metals so bookmarking is a good idea. Also, keep an eye on the right sidebar of the Home Page, “Latest News”. This is where we post any major changes in the gold market.

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