Credit Suisse Palladium Bullion Bars

Credit Suisse Palladium Bar CHI Essayeur Fondeur


Credit Suisse Palladium bullion bars are one of the most highly recognized palladium bars available today. The 1 oz bullion bar has a purity of .9995 and is a favorite among palladium investors. The stamp of the Valcambi refinery, ‘CHI Essayeur Fondeur’ is visible towards the bottom of all these palladium bars which is your guarantee of authenticity and credibility.

Credit Suisse Palladium bars 1oz


Credit Suisse Palladium Bar Reverse 1oz


Credit Suisse 1 oz palladium bars produced at the world famous Valcambi refinery in Switzerland are the most popular way for private individuals to invest in palladium bullion. Backed by the Credit Suisse Bank, these bars have become a favorite amongst investors who wish to diversify their precious metals portfolio and they can be included in an Individual Retirement Account Gold IRA.

Credit Suisse Headquarters London


Credit Suisse History. Founded by Alfred Escher in 1856, the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt Bank that became internationally known as Credit Suisse was established to build the railroad in Switzerland and by 1871 became the largest bank in the country. In 1905 it took over the Oberrheinische Bank in Basel, Switzerland and by 1940 a branch in New York City was established. Today Credit Suisse is the second largest bank in Switzerland and one of the top financial services companies in the world.

Credit Suisse Refinery Purchase. The bank bought 80% of Valcambi metals refinery in 1967 which is one of the biggest manufacturers of precious metal ingots and cast bars in the world. In 1968 Valcambi gained official approval to the London Bullion Market Association’s ‘Good Delivery List’ which is the internationally recognized authority for the worldwide precious metals market.

Gold Melt Valcambi Refinery


Good Delivery Bars. Historically the members of the LBMA compiled lists of assayers and melters whose bullion bars would be accepted in transactions between each other without question. The LBMA’s list is now recognized world-wide as the quality standard for precious metals “Good Delivery Bars”. They are typically used in the major international markets and precious metal reserves of governments and the central banks.

CHI Essayeur Fondeur. For many years Valcambi has been one of the largest manufacturers of minted bullion bars in the world and they minted the world’s first 1 oz ingot. All Credit Suisse gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars have been manufactured by Valcambi  for over 40 years. The Valcambi registered hallmark “CHI Essayeur Fondeur” is your guarantee of quality and reliability.


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  1. I bought palladium from you on January 7th and it has already increased by more than 10% in just 6 weeks! Better than leaving it in my bank and getting less than 1% in a whole year. lol

    You always tell me the right way to go. Thanks for all the good advice on my investments again. :) :) :)

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