French Coins Rooster 20 Franc Gold

Rooster 20 Franc Gold French Coins were first minted in small quantities in 1899 and then through to the beginning of World War I in 1914. The 20 Franc Gold Roosters with dates of 1907 to 1914 were also issued as re-strikes in 1921 and again from 1951 to 1960. The 20 Franc gold coins for the earlier years had an inscription on the outside edge “Dieu Protégé La France” meaning “God Protect France”. The Rooster French coins dated with the first year of issue in 1899 are considered to be very rare.

French Rooster 20 Franc Gold Coin Obverse


Rooster 20 Franc Gold French coins depict the portrait of Marianne who is the national emblem of France and the most prominent symbol of the French Republic. She stands for Liberty and reason and is a symbol of triumph for the Republic. Marianne appeared on the French currency and later on the Euro coins. She is also to be found on the French postage stamps and on many famous French statues.

The obverse of the French Gold Rooster shows Marianne with an oak wreath around her head surrounded by the familiar motto on French coins, “Republique Francaise”. At the bottom of the coin is the inscription of the designer’s signature, “J. C. Chaplain”, Jules Clément Chaplain (1838 to 1909).

French Rooster 20 Franc Gold Coin Reverse


The French Gold Rooster coins reverse is mostly covered by the image of the “Coq Gaulois” translating to Gallic Cockerel but more commonly referred to in the USA as the “Gallic Rooster”. The Rooster is another national symbol of France and shows the fighting spirit of independence and liberty. Surrounding the Rooster is the inscription “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” meaning Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood. To the left of the Rooster is “20” and to the right is “Fcs” to show the denomination. Additionally the year of issue is inscribed below the Rooster.

20 Franc Rooster Gold French Coins are 21mm in diameter, 90% pure gold with a gross weight of 6.4516g with a total gold content of .1867 troy ounces. These French gold coins are very collectable.


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  3. My grandfather passed away and left me his coin collection. I was here doing some research to find out if they are worth much. There are 3 roosters and 3 angels along with all his Morgan collection and various other old coins. Looks like his collection is a lot more valuable than I thought.

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