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Gold Bars BullionGold IRA accounts work in exactly the same way as a Traditional IRA except now able invest in gold or silver bullion bars and coins to diversify your portfolio. Your gold and silver investment will be held for you in a Government approved depository until you are ready to receive it. When you retire you might choose to have all or part of your bullion investment shipped to you, leave all or part of it in your Gold IRA account or your bullion bars and bullion coins can be sold at anytime you choose.

A rollover is a fast and easy way to invest in precious metals within your retirement plan. This simple process gives you the opportunity to allocate any portion of your existing retirement plan into gold or silver. You are able to rollover an existing IRA, most 401K type plans plus a whole range of other types of retirement plans.

401K Roth IRA


Some of the retirement plans which are automatically eligible to rollover to a Gold IRA are Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Simple IRA or Sep IRA. The other types of retirement plans which may also be eligible are most 401(k), 457, 403(b) deferred comp and various other pension plans. Rolling your investments over gives you diversification of your retirement portfolio by allowing you to invest in gold and other precious metals.

A Gold IRA rollover is IRS approved, 100% tax-free, fast and easy to perform. We have already helped hundreds of clients with this simple process and after you have contacted our Rollover team there is very little more that you need to do, we take care of everything for you. If you have any further questions just give us a call on 1-855-682-1046 Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST.

I am interested. How do I find out more?

Just follow these 3 simple steps…

  1. Complete the form on the right of this page for your free gold investment kit (or call 1-855-682-1046).
  2. A retirement specialist will discuss your needs and answer any further questions that you have.
  3. Complete one simple form and our retirement department will take care of the rest for you. It is that easy…

Our team of Gold IRA specialists will contact your existing retirement plan custodian to commence your rollover or transfer. This process generally takes from 5-20 days to complete.


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  2. I am extremely overjoyed with your company. Since my first job I have been contributing into 401Ks but they never really worked very well for me. I was thinking that I was never going to ba able to retire when the time came.

    I had a handful of old 401Ks from my previous companies. I contacted your company last year and was advised to rollover my 401Ks into a gold ira account. In just a matter on months I made more profit with my gold ira than all my 401Ks made in the past 6 years. I have strongly recommended your company to everybody I can think of. Much appreciation for all your help.

  3. Just wanted to say tyvm for a perfect and fast transaction with your company. Your guys took care of everything for me, very quickly and easily. After talking with Chris I filled out a few details and he did the rest. I converted some old 401Ks into a gold ira and it was all done in 10 days, start to finish. Now I have all that dead money invested in gold and I am very very happy.

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