Good Time To Invest In Gold

When Is A Good Time To Buy Gold?

If you are looking to make a long term investment in gold there has never been a bad time to buy over the past 15 years. Gold has consistently and significantly increased in value during any long term period or even over any (short) 5 year period of time.

Some of these increases have been huge. For example, if we look at 2006 to 2011 the increase was from $603.46 to $1,571.52. An rise of more than 150%. This was not just a “flash in the pan”, the price of gold in 2005 was $444.74 which shot up to $1,224.53 in 2010 which is more than a 175% increase in just 5 years!

Gold Price Up

When Is The BEST Time To Buy Gold?

If the question is “When is the BEST time to buy gold” then the answer is Now! History has shown that buying gold for long term investment is a no brainer but right at this moment all the indications of a significant rise in the price of gold are very very strong .

Gold Bars BullionWhen investing in gold we all want to buy at the most advantageous price and at a point where the increases come fast. Many experts are predicting that gold will not fall below the obvious resistance level and people investing now should see a very significant gain by the end of 2013. It has been suggested that when the upturn comes that the swing will be much greater than we could hope for with levels possibly reaching in excess of $2000 per ounce before the end of the year. That would be more than a 40% increase in the price of gold, also silver could achieve the same percentage increase.

Riding The Wave, Not Watching The Wave.

Watching for the price reaching the bottom is something that all investors are doing right now and most of the experts are telling us that we are just about there. Very experienced investors are not waiting any longer because they don’t want to miss the big wave. The theory is that if they buy today and the price drops another $10 or $20 it really doesn’t matter. When the upturn comes they want to be riding the wave, not watching the wave!

American Buffalo Gold CoinMany already have significant investments in gold and silver which have both made huge increases over the last 10 years but they are now poised to invest a much larger percentage of their portfolios than ever before. They believe that investing now is a perfect time to take advantage of this unusual situation. Most of the best brains in the business are predicting we are at, or very close to the bottom and the up swing is highly likely to take us over the $2,000 per ounce level in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “Good Time To Invest In Gold
  1. As you can see, the upswing has now started. I hope many of you are riding the wave and not just watching from the beach. I jumped on this a few days ago with a significant further investment. If you are not on it now don’t wait any longer. It looks like we will break $1,400 per ounce today and the signals are very strong for big increases. :)

  2. The stock market is basically on hold today. We are all waiting for Ben Bernanke’s speech on the US economy later this morning. It is thought that Bernanke will continue with the commitment to “easy money policies” over the next few months. This would of course be very bullish for commodities like gold and silver. Some have gone with a preemptive strike and started to buy gold and silver ahead of this because all the positive signs are there for a strong run. It is thought by many that if they wait until tomorrow the price will be above the resistance level. Gold bulls’ breakout objective is to close above the $1,400.00 resistance level. After that, confidence is high to see at least $1,500 in the near future.

  3. Good solid close above $1,400 today. Expect to see good increases over the next week or two. $1,500 is just around the corner. Getting the surfboard out. Ready to ride this one.

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