Pamp Suisse Bullion Bars

Pamp Suisse bullion bars have been available since 1979 and are one of the best known and trusted in the gold investment market. These 1 oz gold bars have a purity level of 99.99% fine 24 karat and are the favorite gold bullion bar investment in the United States. The easy to handle size of the 1 ounce Pamp Suisse, the beautiful design of the Pamp Suisse hallmark and the engraved serial number on each bar add to the overall popularity by precious metal investors.

Pamp Suisse Bullion Bars Gold Lady Fortuna


Pamp Suisse Bullion Bars Gold Reverse



Pamp Suisse Ingots are famous world-wide for the “Lady Fortuna” emblem which was the first ever artistic design to be placed on gold bullion bars. These ingots are produced with the highest Swiss engineering skills at one of the best refineries in the world.  The quality control at PAMP is verified by independent assayers commissioned by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the Control of Precious Metals. The gold is placed in an electrolytic capacitor where the other elements are separated out from the gold. This results in the remaining gold having a purity level of between .9999 fine and .99999.

Once the amount of purity has been accurately established the gold is then finally made into the beautiful “Lady Fortuna” ingots. Pamp Suisse is recognized for its exceptional designs and finish quality which also makes these gold bars very collectable. Each gold Pamp Suisse bullion bar is sealed in a signed protective packaging and registered to guarantee its fine gold quality content and weight. The same level of quality control also applies to the Pamp palladium bullion bars.

Pamp Palladium Bar Lady Fortuna 10 oz


Pamp Palladium Bar Reverse 10 oz



Pamp Suisse Palladium bullion bars are available in a 10 oz size with a purity of .9995 fine and are an ideal way to invest in this very desirable precious metal.

Palladium prices have risen more than 300% over the last 10 years and are still rising consistently. With the current prices of palladium on the increase these very attractive Pamp Suisse bullion bars are fast becoming an extremely popular way for investors to diversify their precious metals portfolios.

Gold and palladium have proven to be the best precious metals to invest in during the last 10 years and recently palladium has been dramatically increasing. Gold is a long way up from $271 per ounce 10 years ago and palladium has risen more than 320% since 2001. A great addition to any Individual Retirement Account Gold IRA.

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