Peace Dollar Silver Coins

Peace Dollars

Peace Dollars were introduced in late December 1921 to replace the popular Morgan Silver Dollar coins series. The coin was designed by Anthony de Francisci to commemorate the newly restored peace following the end of the First World War. Minting of the first Peace Dollars commenced at the Philadelphia Mint during the last few days of 1921 and they were issued into circulation early in 1922.

Peace Dollar High Relief Obverse


Peace Dollar High Relief Reverse










The first Peace Dollar silver coins were minted in high relief but because of the many problems of dies breaking it was decided to strike the later coins in normal flat relief. There were no other major alterations to the coin design during its short life.

The Peace Dollar silver coins are made in the same way as the Morgan Silver Dollars, 90% pure silver and 10% copper to give them more durability. They are 38.1mm (1.5 inches) in diameter and weigh 26.73 g (.77344 oz) which is more than ¾ of a troy ounce of pure silver. To create a full collection of these silver coins with one of each year and one of each mint mark it would require a total of 24 individual coins.

Years Minted       The Peace Dollars were produced at the following three mints.

1921                       Philadelphia

1922 to 1923          Philadelphia – San Francisco – Denver

1924 to 1925          Philadelphia – San Francisco

1926 to 1927          Philadelphia – San Francisco – Denver

1928                       Philadelphia – San Francisco

1934                       Philadelphia – San Francisco – Denver

1935                       Philadelphia – San Francisco

The mint marks (except Philadelphia) are shown on the reverse of the coin near the Eagle’s wing tips. The mint marks are San Francisco = S and Denver = D. The Peace Dollar does not have a mint mark on coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

The design of the coin was created when the Commission of Fine Arts arranged a competition between nine famous artists. After the designs were submitted the winning entry for the design of the Silver Peace Dollar was Anthony de Francisci.

Peace Dollar 1934 Obverse


The obverse design shows the left facing portrait of Lady Liberty wearing a tiara. The word “Liberty” is inscribed above her, “In God We Trust” across her neck and the year of issue below.

Peace Dollar 1934 Reverse


The reverse shows a right facing Eagle standing on a rock grasping an olive branch. The original design by Francisci showed the Eagle breaking a sword to represent the end of the war but fear that this message might be misunderstood the Mint decided to change the design.

Above the Eagle are the inscriptions “United States Of America” and the familiar Latin motto “E Pluribus Unum” meaning “One From Many”. The words “One Dollar” are split either side of the Eagle and the word “Peace” is inscribed on the rock below the Eagle.

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